Monday, October 3, 2011

Goodbye Tree Nuts......I'll miss you

I am constantly amazed at the workings of the body.......
or in my case, the malfunctions of this body.
My immune system apparently reacts adversely to these delicious little tidbits of goodness. I found out quite by accident that tree nuts cause me extreme pain. The funny thing is that since I started my new way of eating a few months back, I've been eating nuts as snacks and substituting Almond milk for regular milk in my morning smoothies. I have been having such incredible pain in my hip joints and knees that walking and finding a comfortable position to sleep in was almost impossible. Then quite by accident, I had a nut free day and guess what? I slept like a stone and woke up being able to walk normally first thing in the morning! Who knew? I never would have made that connection. I've had this pain before. I've struggled with Fibro "flare ups" for years so I didn't even think about eating almonds or cashews as the cause of this crazy flare up. I went online and found post after post of people just like me who found that eliminating tree nuts from their diet alleviated their joint pain.  Even though I loves me some almonds, cashews and hazelnuts (can you say Nutella?) I will happily give them up forever to be able to walk without pain. So right now I'm enjoying a hot cup of Zen tea and some tasty muffins still warm from the oven.
Yep.......I can live with this :)


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