Friday, October 7, 2011

A Little Pancake Therapy :)

As I continue down this road towards health, I find myself struggling with sadness that has been hard to shake. The realization that I can never have coffee or cheesecake again is hard to take. So much of who I am in wrapped up in the foods I make. I've always shown my love for others through food. I enjoy baking and preparing meals for my family and friends. It seems that every important event in life involves sharing a meal together. Right now I feel like someone took my brand new box of 64 crayons and took out all the colors and just left me brown and gray. I know this will pass, but I'm trying to be honest about how I'm feeling right now. I guess my job will be finding some new colors for my crayon box.......

 This morning I made some coconut flour pancakes. I thought they were really good. I'm not going to say they are better than buttermilk pancakes slathered in butter and maple syrup, but that's no longer an option for me, so I am happy to have these as the alternative. I drizzled a tiny bit of honey over the top, but next time I'm going to cut up some fresh strawberries.

Coconut Flour Mini Pancakes
( They do not taste like coconut)

2 eggs
2 tblsp coconut oil, melted
2 tblsp coconut milk
1 tsp coconut crystals (or sugar)
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
2 tblsp sifted coconut flour
1/4 Hain (corn free) baking powder

Blend together eggs, oil, coconut milk, sugar, salt & cinnamon. Combine coconut flour with the baking powder and thoroghly mix into batter. Spray pan with olive oil and spoon batter onto hot pan making pancakes about 2 1/2" to 3" inches in diameter. Batter will be thick, but will flatten out when cooking. Makes about 8 pancakes.


Regena said...

They look just like 'real' pancakes. Is that syrup or a substitute?
And never say never!! Once your body is back in-check, you can have a little of what you love because your body will be able to handle it again. Yeah, it's probably a long way off, but never give up hope. By golly, I will try and find(or invent) a gluten/dairy free cheesecake. you can do eggs, right?

Denise said...

Those look sooo yummy! I think I may give this recipe a try! You are doing so well on your new adventure. Don't give up!

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