Monday, January 23, 2012

Poor Man's Pepper Steak and Cauliflower Rice

Every Sunday after church I make lunch for the entire family.
It's something I love doing
and the time we share laughing and eating is priceless.
Changing our eating habits has been expensive!
(to say the least)
I've tried to be creative in stretching my shopping dollars.
With grass fed beef steaks at $9.99 a lb,
I chose grass fed ground beef for $5.99 a lb as a substitute.
Hence the "Poor Man's Pepper Steak" recipe was born!
And since some of the family is now grain free
we used Cauliflower Rice in place of white rice.

Poor Man's Pepper Steak

1 lb ground grass fed beef
1/4 cup gluten free soy sauce (Coconut Aminos)
1 clove garlic (or shallots) minced
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1 cup green onion -thinly sliced
1 cup red or green bell peppers cut into 1 inch squares
2 stalks celery -thinly sliced
2 tomatoes cut into wedges (optional)
1 tblsp arrowroot starch (or potato starch)
1 cup water

Brown ground beef in large skillet over medium heat. Do not drain pan juices. Add soy sauce and ginger and stir into cooked beef for about a minute. Turn the heat up and vegetables and toss until tender. Add starch to the cup of water and stir until dissolved. Pour into pan and stir to thicken. If using tomatoes, add them after the other vegetables are done cooking and just heat through. Serve over white rice or cauliflower rice.  (Serves 4)

Cauliflower Rice
1 head of cauliflower, cut into florets
3 tblsp olive oil
1 large onion, minced
4 cloves garlic or shallots, minced
3/4 cup chicken broth
4 tblsp Earths' Balance Coconut spread
1 tsp sea salt

Pulse cauliflower florets in food processor. The cauliflower will break down a bit as it cooks, so you don't want to chop it too fine. Do it in batches for the best results. Heat oil in large saucepan and saute onions and garlic until soft. Add the chopped cauliflower and chicken stock. Cover with lid and cook on medium-low heat about 10 minutes. Remove lid and add Earth Balance spread and salt and cook for another 5 minutes to allow some of the liquid to cook out. Stir constantly. Remove from heat and serve.


Regena said...

the dot loves cauliflower, maybe I could try this for her

Denise said...

sounds yummy and I just printed the recipe to give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

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