Monday, January 9, 2012

The Best Darn Spaghetti Sauce Ever!

If your house is like our house,
then spaghetti is your "go to" food.
Everyone loves it.
It's quick and easy and oh so tasty too.
The problem I've run into is that even most of the organic
spaghetti sauces have things in them that I can't have
like sugar and garlic.
Luckily for me my wonderful Daughter in law
 shared this recipe with me.
Try this once, and you'll never buy sauce in a jar again!

The Best Darn Spaghetti Sauce

2 - tblsp Olive oil
1 - organic onion - diced
1 - small organic red pepper - diced
2 - 14 1/2 oz cans organic diced tomatoes (with the juice)
2 - 8oz cans organic tomato sauce
2 - tsp dried basil
1 - tsp dried oregano
1 - tsp sea salt

Heat oil in pan and saute the onion and peppers until soft. (You could certainly add a few cloves of minced garlic at this point as well)  Add remaining ingredients and simmer until slightly thickened. If you have children or picky eaters that don't like chunks of tomatoes you could use an immersion blender to puree the sauce or carefully transfer the sauce to your food processor and pulse for a few seconds. I added browned grass fed ground beef, but you could add chicken or any other meats as well. This sauce is seriously fabulous! And's just that easy! Serve over your favorite g/f pasta or spaghetti squash and enjoy!!!


Regena said...

I never buy premade spaghetti sauce...too sweet.
Wow, I was gf and didn't even know it! LOL

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