Saturday, January 28, 2012

Celery Root Hashbrowns.....the key to happiness?

Who knew that this funny looking root
could be the key to my happiness?
When my Cyrex test results came back from the Nutritionist
saying that I could eat rice and potatoes,
I was overjoyed!
I love me some potatoes!
But since adding those foods back into my diet
I haven't felt the same clarity as before.
It's hard to explain.
I'm still pain free,
but the weight loss has stopped
and it feels like I'm working with a dimmer switch,
if that makes any sense.
So I've decided to take rice and potatoes out
and see how I feel.
When my daughter told me that she made hashbrowns
from celery root,
I said "what does that even look like?"
I had to google it before I headed out to Sprouts
so I didn't wander aimlessly through the produce department.
So this morning I peeled it and shredded it
and fried it up with some olive oil
and can I just say that this is a life changer for me.
Celery root doesn't taste even remotely like celery!
So delicious and I'm so not missing my potatoes anymore :)


Regena said...

do they taste like celery? or potato? both-ish?

Anonymous said...

Sounds great. I know a few people who would love this alternative. Thanks for sharing.

Crazy Amy said...

I've also made a gratin with this...I'm sure it could be made dairy free.

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