Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Let the baking begin!!!

So yesterday my flour shipment from Vitacost arrived. I love Vitacost. Free shipping on orders over $49.00 (which is easy to do with g/f). I also buy our cleaning supplies, bath products and vitamins from there as well. You can even sort through things like shampoo using Gluten Free as a filter. Now I feel like I'm ready to embrace gluten free baking :) Something that I didn't realize before today is that you need to refrigerate or freeze your g/f flours and then allow them to return to room temp before baking with them.

Fortunately for me, we inherited an old dirty refrigerator that we keep in the garage that will now become
my g/f  "fortress of goodness".
I guess that means I need to deep clean it in the next few days...............


Regena said...

Just did mine so I feel your pain.
Happy g/f baking.

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